• To ensure the safe operation of the device it is recommended to read this user manual completely before use.
  • Turn off the diffuser one hour after a long period of time in use.
  • To extend the life of the Diffuser, clean the excess water after each use.
  • Place the Diffuser in a flat place, do not place it on carpets or uneven floors
  • Do not exceed the maximum water level or tip the device, it may cause water to enter the product and break. 
  • Use the measuring container to fill the Diffuser.
  • Do not fill the tank above the indicated maximum 120ml.
  • Do not connect to the power when the tank is empty.
  • Do not touch the ultrasonic vibration zone.
  • Clean regularly according to the instructions.
  • Disconnect from the main to fill or clean.
  • After emptying, clean the water from the outside of the tank with a clean cloth.
  • Essential oils can stain.
  • Avoid splashing and wipe the surface with a cloth.
  • Use only the dosing cup to refill the tank.
  • Never fill directly from the tap.
  • Do not direct the flow of steam directly to furniture, clothing or walls.
  • Do not expose the device directly to the sun, hot surfaces, air conditioners or fans.
  • Always keep on a flat surface.
  • Keep away from other electronic equipment such as TV or Audio equipment.
  • Do not use the device uninterruptedly. If it turns off automatically wait 60 minutes before turning it back on to avoid problems with the ultrasonic surface.
  • The intensity and amount of steam can vary, without being considered a malfunction. 
  • Do not move the device while it is in use.
  • Do not touch the product with wet hands.
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals.
  • It is recommended that children, or people with reduced mobility, do not use the device without supervision.
  • Keep the cable away from the passage area.
  • Do not stretch the cable or force it at any time.
  • If you notice burning smell, unplug the device immediately


  • Sizes: 10x14cm
  • Weight:  200gr
  • Power supply: .AC100-240v 50.60HZ / DC12V 1A
  • Cable lenght: Approx.170cm
  • Tank capacity:  de 60 a 120mL. 
  • Light: 3 leds
  • Material:  PP (cover), ABS (Base).
  • Máx time:  3H.
  • Steam flow: 17-25ML/H.
  • Ultrasonic vibration frequency: 2.4MHz aprox.


Enjoy the flavourings of your choice

The aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to immediately evaporate the water and essential oils in its tank to produce a fresh, dry, aromatic vapor.

Enjoy the various fragrances that will transport you to different sensory universes. It is a good tool for working on memories or controlling emotions, and for inducing relaxation.

Device caracteristics.

The aroma diffuser emits ultrasonic waves that instantly vaporize water and oils, producing a fresh, dry and perfumed vapor.


1.  Cobertor

2.  Water tank

3.  Power supply

4.  Water dispenser


Filling instructions

1. Put the device in vertical position and be careful not to overturn it during the filling process.

2. Open the cover.

3. Connect the base to the power supply. The feeder must not be connected to the outlet.

4. Fill the water tank with the dispenser cup. Be careful not to pour water on the outside of the tank. Do not exceed the maximum water level indicated.

5. Add the essential oil (2 or 3 drops per 100ml).

6. Cover the tank with the cover.

7. Make sure that the cover is placed every time you want to use the device.

8. Plug the power supply into the power supply.

9. Close the lid.

MIST button

  • Press the MIST button for 2 seconds, the continuous mist function will work
  • Press 2nd time shortly, the intermittent mist function will work; keep working 20 seconds, stop 10 seconds
  • Press the mist button aagain, all functions will be off

LIGHT button

  • Press the light button for 2 seconds, the light will work. The light colour will be gradually changing
  • Press 2nd time shortly, the colour will stay
  • Keep pressing the button, you can change the colour
  • Press the light button for 2 seconds again, the lights will be off
  • It will stop working automatically when atherless and LED light will flash to remind you to add water 

Essential oils

  • Only 100% natural essential oils can be used. The chemical elements in the oils can cause the device to malfunction.
  • Add 2 or 3 drops per 100ml. Too much oil in the tank can cause the device to malfunction.
  • Clean the tank every time you want to use a different fragrance oil.

After using the device 5 or 6 times or 2 or 3 days, it must be cleaned in the following way:

  • Unplug the current
  • Empty the remaining water on the side of the tank that indicates: DRAIN SIDE
  • Unplug the feeder cable from the base.
  • Add a teaspoon of citric acid in 100 ml of hot water (up to 70º)
  • Leave on for 5 minutes and empty on the side of the tank indicated by DRAIN SIDE
  • Dry with a rag. Avoid touching the ultrasonic base, which can be cleaned with a cotton swab.


In case the device accidentally spills, unplug the device and remove the cover. Empty the remaining water from the tank. Shake gently to remove any water that may remain in the base of the device and let it dry for 24 h before plugging.

If smoke is detected, unplug the device immediately.

  • Electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste.

    • Dispose of the product at an electronic waste collection point or your specialist distributor.
    • Place the packaging material in the cardboard, paper and plastic recycling bins.

Within the legal warranty period we agree to rectify for free by repairing or replacing defects in the product derived from defective materials or manufacturing defects.

Any unauthorised alteration or modifications to the product will void this warranty.

This product complies with EU 2004/108/EC Directive requirements .

Declaration of conformity can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: bjliveat.com


If you find any damage or any material is missing please contact our technical service for assistance.

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