Modular furniture and softplay


  • It is necessary to read the manual before starting.
  • Do not use abrasive products or products for cleaning windows or kitchen.
  • In case the furniture gets in contact with liquids, dry the surfaces immediately to prevent the foam from getting wet. The seams are not waterproof.

Prepare areas to facilitate relaxation, participation, communication while creating comfortable and accessible environments. The modular furniture system consists of 15 items with three different profiles, which allows combining them according to the user needs or the activity that they want to do.

These products offer total security and guarantee. The foam used is polyurethane of 25m / m3, the most suitable for the weight of children, coated with PVC Polyester or Skin Touch in a wide range of colors.


The vinyl fabric used to manufacture the products meets the following requirements:

  • Microbial tested resistance
  • Bacterial tested resistance
  • Fungal tested resistance
  • Abrasion tested resistance
  • Perspiration and human saliva tested resistance
  • Urine tested resistance
  • Blood tested resistance
  • Total weight: 620 g/m2
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm to 1 mm
  • Meets the REACH regulation
  • Fireproof material classification m2
  • Complies with EN71-3 Toy Safety
  • Excellent resistance to sun exposure


The polyurethane foam and polyethylene foam are normalized to meet the highest standards of European legislation, both technically and environmentally.



  • Wash with mild soap and water.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Dry with a soft cloth.
  • Para evitar los posibles daños al medio ambiente o a la salud humana que representa la eliminación incontrolada de residuos, separe estos productos de otros tipos de residuos y recíclelos correctamente. De esta forma se promueve la reutilización sostenible de recursos materiales.
  • Los usuarios particulares pueden contactar con el establecimiento donde adquirieron el producto o con las autoridades locales pertinentes para informarse sobre cómo y dónde pueden llevarlo para que sea sometido a un reciclaje ecológico y seguro.

Within the statutory warranty period we undertake to rectify free of charge by repair or replacement any product defects arising from material or production faults.

Any unauthorized tampering with, or modifications to the product will annul this warranty.

This product complies with EU 2004/108/EC Directive requirements .

Declaration of conformity can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:


If you find any damage or any material is missing please contact our technical service for assistance.

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Any damage or breakage caused during transport must be notified within three days of receipt.